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More glimpses of Strasburg, PA….

Strasburg barn

I like the color of this barn a lot. Goes beautifully with the yellow flowers. The weather was spectacular that day, as you can see. It rained the following day, so we visited Hershey. I don’t know if I had built up Hershey into some kind of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dreamland, but the place was a big disappointment. The museum was so-so and “Chocolate World” was even less. Oh well, I guess the big draw is Hershey Park and we weren’t interested in getting soaked on a roller coaster. Give me Disneyland any day–I love it!

OK, two views of the same thing. Can’t decide which one I prefer.



Here’s another window shot from Lititz, PA:

The rain has stopped here, so I’m off to do errands. Have a great one!

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