Summer and cell phones

yellowandorange zinnia

I’m hoping this yellowandorange zinnia will wake me up this morning. Kind of dragging here–didn’t get enough sleep and it’s already 81 degrees this morning. Supposed to reach 100 today. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of hot weather. I really miss Southern California this time of year.

image courtesy of AT&T

Some good news: I reserved an iPhone last night! Just looking at them gave me brain cell overload. I can’t wait to try out the vintage photo app. Can you believe how far the technology has come in just a few years? I watched My Best Friend’s Wedding a while back and laughed out loud at the gigantic cell phone Julia Roberts used at the end of the movie.  1997!  By the way, if you want a good chick flick, rent this movie. Rupert Everett and Carmen Diaz are perfection.

Speaking of cell phones, this is a great photo I wish I’d taken myself. Someone else sent it to me and neither of us knows who to credit. If you have the info, please share.

Stay cool!

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