Marigolds and PSE 8

These marigolds are kinda cheery, yeah? I’m not a huge fan, but the larger ones are kinda’ nice. They’re supposed to ward off bugs if you want to plant them around your tomatoes. (The scent isn’t real pleasant.)

Here’s a tiny zinnia I shot in a neighbor’s yard the other day. I deliberately blurred the background and applied a bit of texture so the bloom would stand out. Textures are from Florabella.

I can’t remember the name of this one–pink bellflower?–but thought it was sweet:

I’m kind of partial to pink flowers, so be warned. ; )

Well, I’m at the end of the free trial period for PSE 8 (Photoshop Elements 8) so will take the plunge and purchase it. Soooo much cheaper than the full-blown Photoshop and perfectly adequate for my needs. I got used to using free stuff like Photoscape and Picasa, so this is a nice bonus.

Have a good one!

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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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