Having fun with PhotoScape

Oh good, the font choice box is back today. Life in Blog Land is full of surprises.

So yesterday, I thought I’d play around with PhotoScape, a FREE photo-editing software program like Photoshop. I love this photo that my beautiful niece took with her phone camera. I can’t remember exactly what I did, but do know I used the Pictorialization Filter and color deepen tool. If you’re thinking I’m a ditz, you would be partly right. I’m not stupid, but I can be forgetful and disorganized sometimes. Next time I’ll record what I use, but this was the first foray, and I was in experimental mode.

Here’s the original photo of my niece with her horse Gabby:

And here’s my altered version:

I love that she’s with her horse and I even like the tractor in the background, keepin’ it real. The pixelation isn’t nearly as noticeable in the final print. I smoothed out the skin tones before printing too. The final result on canvas was gorgeous, if I say so myself.
I’m usually leery of free downloads, but PhotoScape has proven to be quite safe. I heard about it from another blogger who’s very up on these things.




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