First Snow & Carmen Miranda

Well, we got our first snow this weekend and it’s kind of wet and gloppy and icy at the same time. I wasn’t quite ready for the cold after ten days in Spain and a week in Texas, but I’ll survive, I’m sure. What’s amazing is that my pot of geraniums is hanging on for mere life. I hope they make it until January at least. I think they’ll be OK if I keep them close to the house where they are.

Can I bring them inside for the winter? No one does that here, but maybe my geraniums will think they’re in California, ha.
I do love holly….this tree is right in front of our house.

 Here’s one more picture from our stay in Austin. This creature was atop one of the shops near Uncommon Objects on South Congress St. Not sure what you’d call this zebra that looks like Carmen Miranda, but she is colorful, isn’t she??
SoCo zebra IA closeup. The sky was soooo blue that day.

SoCo zebra II

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