South Rim of the Grand Canyon

When we drove from the Phoenix area to Flagstaff and then the Grand Canyon, I was a tiny bit concerned the altitude would bother me, but I had no problems at all. Good thing, considering elevations average 7000 feet (2134 m) above sea level at the South Rim where we were. The North Rim opens May 15. I didn’t realize they closed it in the winter because of heavy snow.

What surprised me the most was that you can practically drive to the edge of the Grand Canyon. There’s just a low stone wall with an occasional railing.

Normally, heights bother me, but the canyon didn’t faze me at all. I think because it looks kind of surreal. But one place you won’t find me: the glass walkway on the Western Rim….

via grandcanyonwest

Just looking at this photo creeps me out. You can actually see the bottom of the Grand Canyon from the walkway and it’s 2000 feet down.

These views were enough for me….

This is Hopi House, built in 1905 so tourists could observe Hopi artisans at work and purchase their goods. It’s still a gift shop today.

The Hopi and their ancestors are called Ancestral Puebloans because they lived in permanent, multi-level stone pueblos. They have inhabited the Grand Canyon area for millennia.

El Tovar Hotel, also built in 1905. Famous guests included Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, playwright George Bernard Shaw, author Zane Grey, and telegraph inventor Guglielmo Marconi. You can eat lunch there with great views of the canyon.

I took this one with my iPhone, so the colors are a bit different.

I want to return in the near future and shoot the canyon at sunrise and/or sunset. It’s supposed to be even more beautiful then.

Great weekend, everyone!


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I Never Get Tired of Tulip Magnolias

Even though we don’t get them in California, I have a lot of tulip magnolia shots to remember them by. Here’s one of my favorites:

And is anyone else watching Dr. Foster on Netflix?


Each episode pretty much leaves me with my mouth hanging open. It’s about a doctor in England going through a tough divorce after learning that her husband was cheating on her. Having been through a painful divorce, I know that it can make you a little cuckoo. But this woman takes it to another level. The actress who plays the doctor, Suranne Jones, is brilliant.

I’m still working on the Grand Canyon post and hope to have it up next week.

Great weekend, everyone!


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So Last Weekend I Saw the Grand Canyon

And it didn’t disappoint….

Will upload more photos next week.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Back at the Flower Fields Part II

Ready for one more look at the Flower Fields? Here you go….

I was so glad to have a sunny day with blue skies. It’s been kind of gray lately, so this was a pick-me-up for sure.

The thing that looks like a silo on the left? That’s a 400-foot smokestack for the Encina Power station.

Have you seen a more elegant outhouse? Made me laugh. I hope no one tried to use it. 🙂

I think this photo gives a good perspective on how vast the fields are. The people and trucks look so small. Those are mountains in the distance.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Back at the Flower Fields Part I

As promised, another look at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad….

Great weekend, everyone!


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A Return to the Flower Fields

I visited the Carlsbad Flower Fields recently, after waiting for a non-rainy, non-windy day. They were beautiful as always and I took a lot of photos. I’ll leave you with this one for now, but will do a post or two next week.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ll know I love old vintage stuff juxtaposed with something new and beautiful. This tractor is a prime example.

Great weekend, everyone, and Happy Easter to all who celebrate….


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Happy First Week of Spring!

OK, now it’s official. Spring has arrived, although we’re still having rainy cool weather. Can’t complain, though–we need the rain desperately. And at least it’s not snow.

I took the above while living on the East Coast and they are my favorite tulip magnolia blossoms.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Is This the Face of a Killer?

Recently, I read about a study that stated domestic cats would probably kill us, but they’re too small. To be honest, sometimes Yuri looks at me like he is considering murder, ha ha. Those piercing eyes that never look away! He also lies in wait at the bottom of the stairs, then jumps out at me. The vet says this is a way to show he wants to play, but I feel a little bit…hunted.

Turns out the study conducted by University of Edinburgh researchers was grossly misinterpreted. Lead researcher Marieke Gartner stated that cats are the most similar to lions because they share the personality traits of “impulsivity, dominance and neuroticism.” I definitely see the first and second traits in Yuri. He’ll be purring contentedly while I’m petting him and suddenly turn on me and pretend to bite my arm. He then runs off, but comes back in a little while. I don’t think he’s neurotic, unless you count his intense fear of the vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, if you’re a cat owner, have no fear. Cats may be a less affectionate than dogs, but they do love you. I think.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Back to Winter

Well, I shouldn’t have talked about how spring comes early to Southern California. The following week it turned cold and rainy. It even got down in the 30s at night.

But there’s something wonderful about winter in California besides the mild temps. The air is crystal-clear and the horizon at the beach is knife-sharp and everything looks like it’s in hyper focus….

This was taken at lunchtime a couple days ago and yes, it’s pretty deserted this time of year. The only people going into the water in February are tourists and die-hard surfers. I do like the patterns in the sand.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Surrounded by Beauty

One of my favorite parts of the Alaska cruise was going from Skagway to Juneau. I took a walk around the ship and couldn’t believe it: we were surrounded by nothing but sea, sky and mountains. I’ve never experienced anything like this before or since….

I knew the landscape of Alaska would be beautiful, but I wasn’t expecting the gorgeous skies so much. That looks like rain in the distance.

I really like the different shades of blue, and those tinges of pink.

Mountains go on forever in Alaska. Seriously.

The ripples are caused by our ship. Otherwise the water was so glassy and calm.

Here the ripples are more pronounced. I love the way the sky is reflected in the surface of the water. Heavenly.

Great weekend, everyone!


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