Oahu and a Movie

I’m having some technical issues, so wasn’t able to do a long post about Hawaii. Instead, a glimpse of Oahu. I’d never seen anything but Honolulu on previous trips, but this time we saw quite a lot of the island and, it’s beautiful.

Then last weekend I saw a really great indie flick, “Maudie.” Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins are the stars and they are outstanding. It’s based on a true story and the cinematography is amazing. I can see Sally Hawkins nominated for many awards.

Great weekend, everyone!


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I meant to get back to blogging sooner than this, but the next thing I knew, it was July 4th and the time just got away from me.
Anyway, I went on a “girls’ trip” to Hawaii and it was fantastic. Here’s a shot I took of a lighthouse on the island of Kauai for now. More later!

Great weekend, everyone!


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Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus

I’ve had my new iPhone for a few months, but just got around to trying out its “portrait” mode. Thought I would start with one of my favorite subjects….

The first photo was shot in standard mode:

The next one was done in portrait.

See the blurred background? Portrait mode gives you more depth of field like a DSLR. I have to wonder if we’ll one day shoot everything with phones instead of big bulky cameras. I really like the 7 Plus and will be taking just that on my next trip.

I’ll be on vacation for the next two Fridays, but will be back on the 30th.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Blue Hour at Tivoli Gardens

When we left Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, I looked up and noticed it was blue hour. Such a lovely fun place. Would love to be there right now!

Great weekend, everyone….


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Leaving Glacier Bay

After we pulled away from Glacier Bay, we had scenery like this for a long time:

The sun would come out once in a while, highlighting the mountains.

I especially liked the cloud formations.

And then there were islands.

This went on for (nautical) miles. So, so lovely.

Great weekend, everyone!


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We are having cool and rainy weather this month, which is very unusual. The drought may be ending, so we can’t complain. Everything is blooming now, including one of my favorites, Wisteria. They smell heavenly.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Glacier Bay

Mind if we go back to Alaska?

One of my favorite stops on the cruise was Glacier Bay. Just so beautiful! See for yourself….

See the white thing on the left that looks like a waterfall? That’s what they call “calving,” when a piece of the glacier breaks off. Sometimes there are huge chunks that make a lot of noise.

More than a few people were taking photos. It was fun running all around the ship to get different shots. We didn’t know that the ship would turn around so everyone could basically see the glacier from their staterooms.

As we pulled away from the glacier, the landscape changed, but it was still breathtaking.

Our last glimpse of Glacier Bay.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and a great weekend to everyone else!


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Travel Scans: Chania, Crete

[I am getting an error message from WordPress every time I try to upload the photos below, so I had to resort to using Flickr and its flawed system. Ignore the links under the photos because they’ll take you to a page of code. Hopefully I’ll be able to resolve this issue soon.]


This is a shot of the old Venetian port in Chania, Crete. We stayed with friends there and it was a true highlight of our trip through Europe and the Middle East. I love Greece and could spend every summer there, easily. So many fond memories of shopping in the open market, eating dinner at midnight (that was the norm) and swimming in the Mediterranean. The pace was very laid back and we envied our friends’ lifestyle. They were accountants in the U.S. during the rest of the year, but the husband spent every summer painting in Chania.


Kind of a funky shot of the Chania Lighthouse at the harbor. Those days I was shooting with film and didn’t take notes on camera settings, so I’m not sure what happened exactly. I kind of like the effect, though.

Great weekend, everyone!

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I’m happy to report that Yuri has really settled down and is much calmer now. He actually sleeps during the day, which is something he didn’t do last year at all. One thing I’m still getting used to is how intently he stares at things, whether it’s a bird or lizard out the window or sometimes at us….

He’s not quite so wild-looking here, all curled up in his favorite throw. 🙂

Great weekend, everyone!


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