Nothing Says Summer…

…like a big barrel full of red geraniums. Can you believe it’s July already? March seemed interminable, but the days are flying by for me. Hope you’re enjoying the summer weather in spite of the pandemic.

Stay healthy, and Happy Fourth of July!


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Blackberries and Covidaze

I just heard the term “Covidaze” the other day. Evidently a large percentage of people don’t know what day it is because of Covid-19. I can relate–I forgot it was Friday and time for a blog post.

But anyway, how about the fresh produce in summertime? We have a place near us where you drive up, ask for a box of produce and they put it in your trunk. You never know what you’re going to get, but that’s half the fun for me. This time it was cabbage, kale, strawberries, an artichoke, cucumbers, tomato, apples, butternut squash and cantaloupe. All for $25. Everything has been great except for the apricots last week. I’ve sworn off them for years and will continue that practice. They’re either mushy or tasteless or both.

Stay healthy, everyone….


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Keeping the Faith

With everything that’s going on in my country, it’s getting harder and harder to stay positive. I’ve tried to keep my blog an uplifting place, but it doesn’t mean that I’m oblivious. I feel things very deeply, but I’m not going to share that here. If I can give someone a little bit of light every week, then I’m grateful.

Take care and stay healthy, everyone….


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Jacaranda Season

It’s that time of year again. The blossoms make a bit of a mess, but they’re so beautiful!

Hope you’re all healthy….


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Gulls-eye View

Just a solitary seagull checking out the beach.

Hope you’re all doing well….


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Fantastic Blueberry Scones

Anyone else doing a lot of baking during the pandemic? I couldn’t find regular granulated sugar or flour for quite a while, but now the stores have both of those plus hard-to-find instant yeast. Anyway, I had extra blueberries around so decided to make scones. I found the best recipe! These blueberry scones are so delicious and truly melt in your mouth. Oh, I didn’t make the lemon glaze as I didn’t have a lemon, but they didn’t need the glaze in my opinion. You can find the recipe here.

The last time I made scones, I had to get the baking powder out with a chisel, it was so hard. I looked at the expiration date and it was from 2016. Oops. I don’t bake that often so didn’t notice. Needless to say, the scones were flat as pancakes. The complete opposite of the ones I made recently. I decided to go through all my baking supplies and was dismayed to see a lot of stuff that was expired. Like I said, I don’t bake that much.

If you want something great to go along with a cup of tea or coffee, try these. You won’t be disappointed.

Great weekend, everyone, and stay healthy!


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This photo makes me want to get out the oil paints. It has a painterly quality that I really like. I do miss East-Coast azaleas…we have them in California, but they’re small and not that great.

Since we’re still sheltering at home, I’ve started going through all my photos and deleting the ones that should have been deleted years ago. Kind of kicking myself for not doing this sooner, but there’s no excuse now. There are thousands, so I’ll be at it for a while.

Great weekend, everyone, and stay healthy!


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Beautiful Vintage

A few years back we went to Disney California Adventure and I was surprised at how quaint it was. Lots of vintage signs and storefronts and a picturesque old gas station….

I especially liked the “Tireflator.”

See the vintage car parked in front? That’s a Packard, maybe from 1939?

I love the hood ornament.

Stay healthy and have a great weekend, everyone!


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This Guy Gets Social Distancing

Every time I look at this I imagine him saying, “What do I have to do to get a drink around here?” 🙂

Stay healthy, everyone!


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Prickly Pear

A prickly pear in bloom, somewhere outside Sedona, Arizona.

Great weekend, everyone…stay healthy!


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